Do you ship your vehicles internationally?

Yes, we can ship virtually anywhere in the world. We ship internationally via DHL Express, which is an air shipment, so typically it only takes a few days to reach you regardless of where you are in the world. International shipping cost for a Rover is usually around $350 USD.

How long will it take to receive my Rover?

Typically we can hold a lead time of 4 weeks, so it'll take 4 weeks from the time you place your order to the time your order reaches you.

Is the Rover Street Legal?

The short answer:  Yes, in most states, with a few simple factory modifications to the vehicles programming. 

The long answer:  Oddly enough the laws associated with legal street use of the Rover vary from state to state in the US. In most states the Rover is permitted to ride on the shoulder of the road, just as you would a bicycle. It normally does not require vehicle registration or proof of insurance, so you can simply take it out and ride it without having to mess with the DMV, again just as you would a bicycle. Here's the caveat, nearly every state has a different top speed limit for this type of vehicle, and in many states the Rover may be too fast in its "uncorked" form. The good news is that this problem can be easily addressed - the Rover's control system can be digitally adjusted by the factory to limit the top speed to ensure that it conforms with specific state regulations. We're happy to make these modifications for you at no additional charge, just check your local laws and let us know that you want it done.

Does the Rover coast when I release the throttle?

Yes, the Rover coasts freely when you release the throttle (i.e. "freewheeling"). It does not have compression braking like a gas car or motorcycle has. We could program a form of compression braking into the vehicle if we wanted to, but freewheeling is awesome, so we don't. It also coasts freely when the power is off, meaning it's real easy to push around with you while you're walking.

I noticed the Rover only has one disc brake in the front. How does the rear brake work?

The rear brake is called a Regenerative Interlock, and it engages via an electric pressure switch that's integrated into the front brake lever.  When the Interlock is activated it actually turns the motor into a power generator and feeds energy back to your battery as you slow down. The Interlock engages via light depression of the front brake lever, so the rear brake activates just before the front brake pads touch the brake rotor. Aside for the braking system being extremely effective and reliable, it also offloads work from the front brake pads allowing them to last much longer.

Can the battery be removed or upgraded?

Yes, the battery can be removed very easily. It takes about 5 minutes to remove the battery. And yes, the control system in the Rover is capable of accepting future battery upgrades without any modifications between 36 V and 50 V nominal voltage.

What's the difference between the Rover B14 and the Rover BR2?

The B14 and BR2 are very similar machines, except the B14 has a feature set optimized for off-road use while the BR2 has a feature set optimized for street use. Specific feature differences include:

  • The B14 has aggressive knobby tires for the dirt, while the BR2 has street tires.
  • The B14 is geared for higher low-end torque to handle the rigors or off-road use, while the BR2 is geared with a larger mid-range for better street performance.
  • The B14 has a decreased rake in the front end for off-road maneuverability, while the BR2 has an increased rake in the front end for better straight-line stability.
  • The B14 is built on the Magna-Shell ST chassis, which utilizes a down tube assembly made of A607 cold rolled steel for added strength and front-end rigidity. The BR2 is built on the Magna-Shell LT chassis, which utilizes a down tube assembly made of 5052 aluminum to reduce weight while maintaining exceptional strength.

I weigh 250 lbs, will the Rover work for me?

Yep, no sweat. Both the B14 and BR2 are built almost entirely of aircraft grade aluminum, making them extremely strong and durable. They can handle 250 lbs without issue. Additionally, both machines are extremely powerful, so you'll have no problems with acceleration or hill climbing. We limit our maximum recommended rider weight to 260 lbs for the BR2 and 280 lbs for the B14. They can handle more, but we don't formally recommend a higher weight than that.