All of the battery packs used in Works Electric vehicles are protected by a patented thermal management technology, which allows for a lightweight and compact battery design with extended cycle-life and industry-leading safety.

The phase change material (PCM) used in our battery packs rapidly absorb and conduct heat away from battery cells, preventing overheating.

Works Electric battery packs are made in the USA.



Compact & Lightweight

Our batteries combine the highest quality cells with a proprietary thermal management system to deliver industry-leading energy density. Using high energy-density cells and packing them closely together is impractical for other manufacturers because of the increased heat generation within a small space, but PCM technology effectively and efficiently manages the heat.


Long Lasting

Whether generated by cell discharge or absorbed from the environment, heat is the enemy of battery life. By ensuring temperature uniformity across cells and limiting maximum cell temperature, PCM technology extends battery cycle by life by over 50%.



PCM technology stops the propagation of thermal runaway within the battery pack by rapidly absorbing and distributing heat. This passive thermal management operates even when the system is turned off, making it even more effective than the liquid cooling systems prevalent in today’s electric cars.