I ordered the P5 rover and it is Amazing!!! If you are sitting on the fence and wondering if I should get this machine…stop thinking and order it! I hardly use my car when I am off and have been saving 1-2 fill ups a month. Never had so much fun on 2 wheels!! Thanks Brad!
— Randy, Rocklin, CA
This thing is completely out of line. I am overly impressed by your attention to detail in the design and fabrication my friend. You guys have completely knocked this sucker out of the park. Turning heads at every corner and this is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Thank you for creating and building such an amazing vehicle. I could not be happier!!!
— Mike, Las Vegas, NV
I love my Rover! It’s the most efficient way to get around San Francisco. I get to places 75% faster than before.
— Leo, San Francisco, CA
“I continue to love this BR2 more everyday. The Rover is now my daily driver.”
— Michael, Palo Alto, CA
“Doooood!!!!! It is so effing perfect. It is well balanced, and even better than I thought it
would be. Thank you for the attention to detail!”
— Steve, Mesa, AZ
“I’m really pleased with the Rover so far. Everything works flawlessly.”
— Tony, Bend, OR