Works Electric began in a small machine shop on the southeast side of Portland, Oregon. The shop itself wasn’t much to look at, basically just an overgrown cinder block tucked away in some industrial park, but to Brad Baker, the owner of Works Electric, this shop was a very big deal. 

Every evening after the day job Brad would head over to his cinder block shop and put his skills to work as a mechanical engineer, machinist and master TIG welder to develop the first generation Rover. The day job worked great to bankroll the shop and support the beginnings of the business, but there wasn’t enough in the coffers to maintain all that as well as a place to live in downtown Portland, so the shop also became home sweet home. He slept on a couch in the shops front office and built a shower in the bathroom that ran off a tube attached to the sink faucet. The situation certainly wasn’t pretty, or normal, or legal, but it worked, and it gave Brad the opportunity to commit as much time as possible to his craft.

For about 2 years this went on, and during that time Brad perfected the first generation Rover and starting building it for other people. He also met a lovely lady (now lovely wife) who thought sleeping on the shop couch was actually pretty cool, all things considered. In time word began to get around about these amazing machines he was building and the business began to grow.

Not much has changed since then. Our shop's a little bigger and we've got some fancier tools, and Brad no longer inhabits the front office on a permanent basis, but that's about it. All our vehicles are developed and built in-house by hand, and are still primarily built by Brad himself (he’s stubborn like that). We've found the pursuit of quality and community to be causes we’ve grown rather fond of over the years, and what started out of necessity is now deeply rooted in who we are and what we strive to be. We like knowing our customers on a first name basis, we like working late nights in the shop with the speakers blaring, but mostly we like building you the very best - straight from our hearts and our hands.